I do everything I can to keep prices low while providing you everything you need. Their are no hidden fees. To keep it simple, I charge £7.99 per month to maintain and host the website. This fee basically includes everything you need. The only other fees I charge are to design and setup the website & to upload image when needed, which is £5 and I explain in more detail below.

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Website Developing

In order for me to feel fully comfortable managing your website, I will need to build it myself. This to to avoid problems in the future via other developers building a poor website in the backend. Saying that, I want you as a client in the longer term, so I keep my website design & building fees as low as possible. If you leave it to me, I can build you a great website WAY cheaper than anyone else will quote you for. Why? Because I’m really just building it to get the monthly fee of hosting it. But, if you want a very specific design, then my fee will need to be hight to compensate for the time & expenses going into the website.

Most of my clients leave the design to me. I know what I am doing, and will build you a great website for the most affordable price. Let’s talk first, then leave it to me.

Gallery Uploading

In order to keep my monthly hosting & management fee as low as possible, I separately charge for uploading images to the website gallery. 

I understand you want to showcase your latest work in your gallery. But I find clients vary in the frequency in which they upload images. Some upload every 2 weeks, and others every 6 months. So rather than  a fixed price, I let my clients have a great hosting and management fee, and simply just pay a fair fee to upload all their new images to their gallery. You can upload as many images as you like, so if you want to save some jobs for a few months, then upload them all at once, you can for the same one time fee. This fee is £5

When ever your want to upload more images to your gallery, just pay the fee on this page, and send us the images via WhatsApp or Email. 

I want you as a long term client. So I have designed my services to make sure you are satisfied with the service. If for any reason you are not happy, please let me know and if it’s reasonable I will gladly offer you a refund and work to make the improvements to make sure it doesn’t happen again. This is a non-contract service. If is my job to provide you a service, which you will not find anywhere else, so you want to stay with me. 

All payments are secure via PayPal. I use PayPal for payments for your security and easy. As my service is a monthly hosting and maintenance, I find it easier for my clients to sign up to a PayPal monthly subscription so the payment is automatic each month. Keeping in mind their is no contract, so let me know if you wish to cancel. You do not need a PayPal account to make any payments or subscribe. 

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