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Your one stop shop for your website. So you can get on with what they do best. Running your company.

Why Me

I understand what small businesses & tradesmen need/ don’t need. You need a professional website done for you, not another problem. That’s what I offer. A 100% leave it up to me, stress free, job done website.

Our Mission

To give our clients piece of mind by offering them a website service they can trust, and that fixes websites issues without bothering them. Letting them do what they best, running their business.

What We Do

About James

I have more than 10 years in digital marketing industries, and have helped many companies to grow their business.

Unlike most digital marketers, I have been in the trenches myself with my own companies. And coming from a business-orientated family I understand most tradesmen & small business owners get their work from returning business, word of mouth and a good reputation. And though their services are on point, their website doesn’t represent their professionalism. Simply put, their websites are embarrassing. But they don’t want the headache of dealing with web designers & the GoDaddy support team every time something glitches. Symes Marketing was created to provide small business owner a solution to this problem. Giving them a 100% handsfree, done for you, fully managed website. I will not be another monkey workmen, giving you a problem and expecting a banana reward. I will take care of everything regarding your website.

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Limited Availability

I am independent and can only manage so many websites. Please check with me first to see if I am currently able to take on you as a client. 

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